The Danish Council of Ethics - global networking

The Council sends a delegation to participate in international activities in order to be part of the debate, to gain knowledge and inspiration.

EGE - European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

The Group is a neutral, independent, pluralist and multidisciplinary body, composed of fifteen experts appointed by the Commission for their expertise and personal qualities.

The task of the Group is to examine ethical questions arising from science and new technologies and on this basis to issue Opinions to the European Commission in connection with the preparation and implementation of Community legislation or policies.

In order to face the ethical issues that are arising with the rapid advances in science and technology, the Members represent a broader range of professional competences in different disciples such as, inter alia, biology and genetics, medicine, pharmacology, agricultural sciences, ICT, law, ethics, philosophy, and theology.

For every full Opinion to be issued by the Group, a roundtable is held before the Opinion is adopted, to which representatives of the Institutions of the European Union, experts of the fields, parties representing different interests, including NGOs, patients and consumer organisations and industrial stakeholders, are invited to participate in the debate.
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NEC Forum – National Ethics Councils' Forum

The Forum of National Ethics Councils (NEC Forum) was established in 2003. It consists of the chairpersons and the secretaries of these National Ethics Councils, and it is supported by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research (DG RTD).

The NEC Forum is an independent informal platform for exchange of information, experience and best practices on issues of common interest in the field of ethics and science. The network is developing an important role in the exchange of good practices between Member States.

In the NEC Forum, one council or committee per country has been nominated as the key contact point for the network.
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The UNESCO consitution was signed in 1945. UNESCO is the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization.

In 2010 UNESCO started working on a common convention on ethical rules, which will apply for alle Member States.
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The Global Summit of National Bioethical Advisory Bodies

The first Global Summit meeting took place in 1996, and has since the start been held biennially in various UN member countries. It is the World Health Organization (the UN health organization) who is organizing the meetings.
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